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Spring 2012 Clothing–line Design Students

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Fashion Design is such an individual thing based on so many factors: culture, religion, ideals, our own bodies and our preferences. We are most beautiful when we feel beautiful. This Spring—honor yourself!

MCTC’s Apparel Technology program is bringing a storm of designers to the forefront of the fashion industry. Hailing from various backgrounds, with an abundance of ideas, 9 students are laying out their inspired creations in this year’s Clothing Line Design class. The students are a hodgepodge of personalities, backgrounds and points of view…what truly makes it great to live in such a diverse city.

Their vivid contrast is sure to make a splash on stage. From fun and playful to fancy and elegant, from business ready— to a night out on the town, they have it all! A mixture of clothing styles inspired by nature, cultures, women’s wear, and men’s wear— each with a unique twist.

These students have worked hard and will be adding more than just pleats, tucks, and gathers, to their blood, sweat, and tears. They have traversed textiles, plowed through pattern making, and have arrived together at one conclusion; “We are ready.”

As the countdown continues you will not be disappointed … you’re guaranteed to be awed and inspired!

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May 3rd 2012, 6:30pm

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Minneapolis Community
& Technical College

1501 Hennepin Avenue,
Minneapolis, MN 55403

/Main Plaza/

Minneapolis Community & Technical College's Apparel Technologies

The only one of its kind in the state of Minnesota, MCTC’s Apparel Technologies program offers comprehensive technical design training for the sewn goods industry. Whether you’re interested in training for technical design jobs, or plan to start your own clothing design business, you’ll find a broad range of courses taught by industry professionals that offer in-depth, hands on learning.

We invite you to stop in for a tour of Apparel Technologies’ state-of-the-art sewing lab and CAD lab which features the latest OptiTex software.

Spring 2012 Forecast

Spring 2012 brings us a mix of the old and new, taking cues from the 1920’s, feminine men’s wear, androgyny, and boxy/draped/oversized silhouettes.

Big trousers, oxford shoes, button ups, and buttons in general are all over the runways as are accessories, such as sun hats, cloches (1920’s hats), gloves, heirloom leather, and vintage jewelry.

Other trends we love include the very fun “Nerdy Sheik” look, and up-cycling…which is always in style.

Colors and fabrics for spring include bright, large floral prints, pastels, teal, and pale neutrals; especially greys in matte satins, textures such as lace, cottons and silks.

BSC Hearts for Fashion Show

Featuring MCTC Apparel Design Students.

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